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Private Tour
Private tour with own boat, skipper and fishing equipment. This option is designed for individuals who prefer to enjoy their fishing experience having the boat privately reserved for their exclusive use or for groups of friends who in the same way would like to have the boat reserved only for their group.
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Please note that the start and end times can change at any time. Fishing trips will only take place if weather conditions permit. You will be boarding a relatively small boat and heading out into the open sea. Additionally, we need to reach the minimum number of participants and have the specialized fishing trip skipper available. We kindly ask participants to be very flexible when making a booking and to indicate multiple possible dates on which they are available. Our team strives to promptly respond to every inquiry and make every booking. We will remain in close contact with our guests throughout the process. If you do not wish to or are unable to accommodate these requirements, we kindly ask participants to refrain from making a booking.

Fishing Trips: Drifting & Reef fishing

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Fishing Trips: Drifting & Reef fishing
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Malta is known for its excellent fishing area. On this trip catching is guaranteed and in good numbers. This package is ideal for those who prefer to be constantly engaged in baiting and reeling in fish at a regular rate rather than having to wait longer intervals in the hope of a bigger prize.
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Travel times:
If you book a transfer, the start time will change slightly depending on where your accommodation is located. You will receive the notification after finalizing your booking. Notes on travel times
7:00 AM
4 hours
11:00 AM
12:00 PM
4 hours
16:00 PM
15:00 PM
4 hours
19:00 PM
During the summer months the tour might start earlier or later due to the heat.
If you want a specific time, please indicate this in the next booking step in the comments field. In this case, the booking will only be made if the desired time is available. Alternatively, you can clarify the available times with us in advance: Contact options MaltaExcursion.com

Notes on travel times
Drifting and Reef fishing
Duration: 4 - 5 hours
Fishing equipment: everything you need for angling is included
Soft drinks & Water
Not included:
Not Included
Transfer from and to your accommodation (optional)
Drifting & Reef Fishing in the Mediterranean Sea
Fishing trips in small groups
Enjoy the Maltese Islands from the sea
Malta, Gozo and Comino offer first-class conditions for angling expeditions at sea (drifting and reef fishing), and for a holiday filled with angling.
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You can either start very early in the morning at 07:00 am or around noon at 12:00 pm. The trip takes about 4 - 5 hours.

Package details:
  • Trip duration: 4 hrs
  • Typical schedule: 07:00 - 11:00 or 12:00 - 16:00 (may be subject to variations)
  • Maximum group size: 8 fishing participants
  • Type of fhising: Light tackle bottom fishing
  • Size of fish: Medium / Small
  • Fish species targeted: Bream, Pandora, Comber, Wrasse, Garfish, Mackerel
Important: Please book as early as possible. Availability is very limited, especially, during the summer months.

Spectators on the angling excursion
Spectators are welcome. They pay a reduced price.

Transportation in Malta
Transportation is not included.

Angling accessories / Angling equipment / Angling supply
Everything you need for angling in Malta is included. Angling equipment usually consists of: Angling reels (multi reel), angling rods, angling line, rod holder, pilks, bait (bait fish) and angling hooks. If you need further angling equipment, please contact us.

Angling Fish in Malta
Common fish species in Malta are: Spiny mackerels, groupers, various bream, squid, octopus, flying fish, gurnard tails, stingrays, common porpoises, cod, mullets, parrotfish and moray eels. In winter, dolphins, tunas and bonitos can also be found in Malta´s coastal waters. The national fish is the Lampuki (golden mackerel).

Marsaxlokk Fishing Village
With this in mind, we would also like to refer to the most famous fishing village of the island, located in Marsaxlokk. It is located far to the south and offers a fish market every Sunday. There you can eat very good, fresh fish. In addition, the village has a beautiful harbour, full of the colourful, traditional Luzzu boats. We offer several expeditions to Marsaxlokk.
Additional information and instructions:
Maximum 8 persons (for more persons, we will be glad to create a group offer)
Customer reviews:
4 stars out of 9 Reviews
Picture gallery:
Fishing Trips: Drifting & Reef fishing
Fishing Trips: Drifting & Reef fishing
Fishing Trips: Drifting & Reef fishing
Fishing Trips: Drifting & Reef fishing
Fishing Trips: Drifting & Reef fishing
26.02.2023 - 12:35 Uhr
Hypogeum in Malta
This year we are seeing a very high demand for the Hypogeum. It will probably be fully booked for 2-3 months or even longer as in the past. Secure your tickets now:
Hypogeum in Malta
06.04.2023 - 20:45 Uhr
Season start:
Gozo, Comino and the Blue Lagoon with transfer, open bar and lunch:
Gozo, Comino and The Blue Lagoon
03.08.2023 - 16:47 Uhr
Sunset trips in Malta, Gozo and to Comino
Beat the heat and reserve your sunset trip in Malta:
Sunset Cruise
Sunset cruise with the catamaran
Sunset Cruise including open bar and dinner
Gozo Sunset Quad Bike Tour
Sunset Tuk Tuk Tour in Gozo & Blue Lagoon Comino
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