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Snorkeling in Malta

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Snorkeling in Malta
Malta is a popular snorkeling spot worldwide. Visit the bays around Comino and discover the underwater world in the crystal clear sea.
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Snorkel equipment: Diving mask or snorkel glasses and snorkel
Santa Maria caves
Blue Lagoon at Comino
Crystal Lagoon at Comino
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Snorkeling in the Mediterranean
Santa Maria caves
Blue lagoon near Comino
Crystal lagoon near Comino
Malta is world-renowned among divers for its clear water and its clear underwater visibility: even in deeper areas, you can still see very well with a diving mask. It literally lends itself for visitors to explore the island under water. While snorkeling, immerse yourself in Malta´s underwater world. You don´t have to buy snorkel equipment (diving set consisting of diving glasses / diving mask with snorkel), you will be lent these during the tour. A snorkel kit for children is also available. Snorkeling flippers are not included, they´re not necessary. Wet suits are not necessary in the summer, the temperatures are nice and warm. You can also bring your own snorkel set. On site, there are also cheap snorkel sets you can buy. Enjoy your snorkeling holiday with one of the following tours.
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This tour takes us to the Santa Maria Caves near Comino, the Blue Lagoon near Comino and the Crystal Lagoon, also near Comino.

Snorkeling in the Blue Lagoon in Malta

The Blue Lagoon near Comino is particularly cherished and popular among snorkelers. The water is crystal clear and you have a very good view. A unique place worldwide.

Snorkeling in the Crystal Lagoon at Comino

Another stunning bay is the Crystal Lagoon. This is similar to the Blue Lagoon, also found in Comino (in the North of the island). During our dive, we will also attract fish with bread to show you even more, in a short time. Learn to Snorkel: How to Snorkel? You don´t actually have to learn how to snorkel, we also provide no instructions for this - it just requires some exercise. There has never been a professional fallen from heaven, everyone was once a beginner. You float on the surface, belly down and use the snorkel as an extension to breathe air (this is bent so that it extends from the mouth upwards to the surface), while the mouth and nose are under water. Some tips: of course you should not dive in water deeper than the length of the snorkel, otherwise water runs in. Where can you snorkel well? What are the best snorkeling places / snorkeling areas? In Malta, right in the Mediterranean, the best and most beautiful under water snorkeling areas are located mostly in and around Comino on the Blue Lagoon or Crystal Lagoon. Here you can really snorkel and have a wonderful snorkeling vacation, especially with children. Malta is, in our opinion, one of the best destinations for a snorkeling trip. Here you can go snorkeling even in November. Transportation to and from your accommodation We will inform you of the starting point for the tours. This is usually located in one of the following places: St. Julian´s / Sliema, St. Paul’s Bay or Mellieha Bay. We are pleased to offer you transportation (which is optional, for an extra charge). Groups: For larger groups, we would be pleased to send you a customized offer including transportation. Please send inquiries directly to us at booking@travelpoint1.com Scuba diving in Malta (not included) If you would like to see more of the underwater world, you may also book a scuba diving course for diving and expand it as you wish.
Additional information and instructions:
Not suitable for those who cannot swim. Not suitable for small children.
Customer reviews:
5 stars out of 13 Reviews
29.02.2024 - 14:07 Uhr
Hypogeum in Malta
To secure a spot in the Hypogeum this year, act quickly. Demand is extremely high, and reservations are filling up months in advance:
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