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Participants in the interaction program
Entrance to the park, participation in the shows and the respective interaction program (please select this from the list below; participation is not possible without selection).
Age: 6+
30 € p.P.
Watcher (Adults)
Entry to the park, participation in the shows and spectators in the interaction program of the booked participants.
Age: 14+
16 € p.P.
Watcher (Child)
Entry to the park, participation in the shows and spectators in the interaction program of the booked participants.
Age: 4 - 13
11 € p.P.
Age: under 3
0 € p.P.
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Sea lion interaction
15 minute Sea Lion Interaction Programm
Dolphin interaction
15 minute Dolphin Interaction Programme
Parrots interaction
20 minute Parrots interaction Programme
Interaction Pack
Approx. 1 hour tour around the park interacting with most of the animals including Parrots, Sea Lions & Dolphins.

Animal Interaction: Dolphins, Sea Lions and Parrots

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Animal Interaction: Dolphins, Sea Lions and Parrots
Get close to dolphins, sea lions and parrots with this interaction program. Entrance to the park and participation in the shows is also included.
Travel times:
If you book a transfer, the start time will change slightly depending on where your accommodation is located. You will receive the notification after finalizing your booking. Notes on travel times
9:00 AM
15 minutes - 1 hours
16:00 PM
The service takes place between the times mentioned above. You will receive the exact start time after booking. If you want a specific time, please indicate this in the next booking step in the comments field. You can also specify a rough time frame / several dates here. In this case, the booking will only be made if the desired time is available. Alternatively, you can clarify the available times with us in advance: Contact options MaltaExcursion.com

Notes on travel times
Entrance fee to the park
Daily presentations of Dolphins, Sea Lions and Parrots
Not included:
Not Included
Transfer from and to your accommodation
Not Included
Interaction program must be added from the additional services
Sea Lions
Interaction program
Presentation and shows
This offer includes entry to the park, participation in shows with the dolphins, sea lions and parrots, and interaction with dolphins, sea lions and/or parrots.
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The dolphin interaction program provides an unforgettable dry encounter within a small group with bottlenose dolphins. During this 15 minutes programme, participants will be allowed to touch dolphins and learn hand signals used to communicate with them. This programme will be guided by a professional animal carer and brings you close to dolphins without getting into the water. The Sea Lion Interaction Programm is an excellent blend of education and exciting experience with a South American Sea Lion. Led by our animal carers, guests can enjoy a close encounter with this highly intelligent, social and adorable animal. During this 15 minute ‘dry’ programm, participants will learn about various topics including feeding habits and conservation. This unique experience is guaranteed to bring a smile and lasting memories. Enjoy an unforgettable experience with our colourful macaws. Our animal carers will introduce you to our Parrots while giving an educational talk about their characteristics, their habitat and diet. This 20 minute session is designed to educate and provides a close-up encounter . A unique oppotunity to hold and feed the Parrots while they reveal their colours and sounds.
Additional information and instructions:
Persons must be at least 6 years old (Malta Dolphin Interaction) Interaction with Dolphins, Sea Lions and/or Parrots: Please select the interaction program that you wish to participate
Customer reviews:
5 stars out of 4 Reviews
29.07.2022 - 12:50 Uhr
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17.03.2023 - 16:34 Uhr
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