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Boat rental without boating licence (for up to 8 persons)

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Boat rental without boating licence (for up to 8 persons)
Rent a boat to explore the Maltese Islands on your own. You do not need a license to maneuver the boats.
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Travel times:
If you book a transfer, the start time will change slightly depending on where your accommodation is located. You will receive the notification after finalizing your booking. Notes on travel times
9:00 AM
3 hours 30 minutes - 7 hours
17:00 PM
The service takes place between the times mentioned above. You will receive the exact start time after booking. If you want a specific time, please indicate this in the next booking step in the comments field. You can also specify a rough time frame / several dates here. In this case, the booking will only be made if the desired time is available. Alternatively, you can clarify the available times with us in advance: Contact options MaltaExcursion.com

Notes on travel times
Speed boat or power ribs for 3.5 or 7 hours each
Detailed on-site briefing
From St. Julian´s, snorkeling equipment is also included
Not included:
Not Included
Optional: 7 hours also available - please add this additional option when booking.
Not Included
Petrol is not included - you get a full tank. The petrol consumption is calculated upon return. The cost of a journey from St. Julian´s to Comino and back is around EUR 60.
Explore the coast of Malta on your own
Discover hidden bays (coves) in Malta, Gozo and Comino
Private boat tour for up to 8 people
Boat rental in Malta for boats you drive yourself. If you wish, you can also book a skipper (boat guide). Enjoy the holidays with your own motor boat and discover Malta´s coast, the island of Gozo and the bays (coves), such as the Blue Lagoon.
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If you want to explore the islands around Malta, Gozo and Comino from the sea, you can do this best with your own boat expedition. Visit remote coastlines, inaccessible bays (coves) from inland, get a new perspective of the Maltese islands and enjoy the time at sea - and, of course, swimming in the sea. Or, explore the underwater world, while snorkeling. It will certainly be a highlight of your holiday. Rent a boat without a licence You do not need a specific permit to rent a boat. You can charter the boat without a boating license. Boat Rentals in Malta As these are private boat expeditions, you can decide for yourself where you wish to go: From St. Julian´s: The Great Harbour at Valletta can be reached in about 15 minutes from the starting point. The Blue Lagoon near Comino (a small uninhabited island between Malta and Gozo) can be reached in about 45-60 minutes from the starting point. Here is also the Blue Lagoon and many other very beautiful lagoons. The island of Gozo (sister island of Malta) can be reached in about 60 - 75 minutes from the starting point From Mellieha Bay: From Mellieha Bay you can cruise around Comino (about 30 minutes), the Blue Lagoon (about 40 minutes) and even to Gozo (about 50 - 70 minutes). You will receive on-site briefing. Malta powerboat chartering You can choose between Speed Boats & Power Ribs. In both classes, there are different sizes, ranging between 4 - 8 persons, each. In addition, both classes are motor boats (without paddles, sails or similar). Boat charter for groups of 10 persons and more in Malta, Gozo and Comino (upon request) For groups of 10 - 500 persons, we offer larger boats, or even boats for rent. However, these must be booked with a skipper (boat-guiding staff). If you would like to rent or book a larger boat, we will be glad to advise you. Boats Rental Depending on the duration of the rental, you can take the boats as far as Gozo or even Comino. You can rent the boats for 3.5 or 7 hours. Charter Boat Briefing You will receive on-site briefing from the boat rental staff. The instructions must be strictly obeyed. Skipper / Accompanying Person (optional) If you feel unsafe with the boat itself, you can also book a skipper (boat guide). He will then accompany you and take you to where you wish to go (optional). Starting Point / Endpoint Starting point and endpoint is in St. Julian´s (Malta) or Mellieha (Malta). After booking, we will inform you of the exact starting point. If required, we will gladly organise the transportation from and to your accommodation facility.
Additional information and instructions:
Minimum age 21 years for the driver of the boat (IDs must be presented at the local office). Licence is not required for the boat rental. This means that you can rent the boats without a boating licence. Participants must not be under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics (in which case you will not be allowed to operate the boat, and there will be no refund). You will receive on-site briefing. You must abide by the rules, otherwise the boat will be taken from you. In this case there is no refund. A form of rules and regulations have to be read, filled and signed by the client at the local office. Please note that these are not party boats for rental. You must have a valid drivers license for cars. Important: A deposit of Euro 200 per boat (to be paid on the spot / cash) is required.
Customer reviews:
4 stars out of 8 Reviews
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